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The whole history of Ukraine can not be complete without mention of Cossacks, noble knights, glorious warriors, kind hosts, defenders of their own land. About Cossacks has been written so many books, songs, poems, shot films and painted pictures, and many more will be, because this is an important aspect of the life of every modern Ukrainian. That’s why the Cossack for a long time was the carrier and representative of Ukrainian culture, a free man who strives for the development and prosperity of all that is in it itself and around.


Today, the Cossack workshop is an association of Cossacks and artisans of various fields capable to produce models of historical weapons of various purposes, for spreading our national culture. To remind people of the present days exactly what makes the Cossacks to be themselves, how they thought, what they sought and how exactly they achieved their goals and victories.


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Ladies and Gentlemen

By purchasing any product of the Cossack workshop you contribute to the development of the national culture, the support of masters of folk crafts that make these products, and you have the opportunity to get a quality product, made in manual, on an individual order and feel the might and strength of the Cossacks, which they owned century ago, and we have the opportunity to be proud of today.

The Cossack workshop is constantly developing to make it works complicated in the course of time, as well as public things that will spread the Cossacks and their ideas as a way of life, customary and useful for people.

On this site you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the products offered by the Cossack workshop and order even the ones that are not yet available, a single item, or even order a wholesale batch of discounts.

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